Blockchain and Ethereum Conference

Ethereal Summit
New York 2017

May 20th, 2017
501 Union

501 Union St., Brooklyn, NY



9:15 AM


Amanda Gutterman, Jesse Grushack, Saraswathi Subbaraman

9:30 AM

A World Without Middleman

Vinay Gupta (Hexayurt Guy Capital Partners)

What is Ethereum, and how is it changing our world? What does a decentralized future look like?Brought to you by technologist and policy analyst Vinay Gupta, meet the next generation of theInternet. Vinay is a prolific speaker and writer whose work on blockchain has been featured recently in Harvard Business Review and at the World Government Summit.

10:00 AM

Understand Blockchain in 15 Minutes

Luke Robert Mason (Virtual Futures)

Could you explain the blockchain at a dinner party? Science communicator and Director of Virtual Futures Luke Robert Mason brings you the clearest explanation you've ever heard. Make ityour own, and experiment on friends and colleagues. Simplicity does not mean sacrificing technical precision, thanks to blockchain architects Mike Goldin and Karl Floersch, who will be host-ing Ethereal's blockchain expert AMA.

10:15 AM

Decentralize Computing! Before It's Too Late

William Mougayar (The Business Blockchain), Kishore Atreya (ConsenSys), Jared Harwayne-Gidansky (BNY Melon), Sandra Ro (Head of Digitization at CME Group), Juan Llanos (ConsenSys)

Are decentralizing technologies disrupting legacy business? The Harvard Business Review recently wrote that blockchain is “foundational” rather than “disruptive”, offering a platform for new types of businesses and value creation. Others are less sure. Which businesses will survive in an open-source future, and how will they monetize? Learn from the businesspeople at the forefront of implementing blockchain technology.

10:45 AM

Take Back Your Digital Freedom, Starting With Your Data

Michael Sena (ConsenSys), Patrcik Deegan (Tree of Tenere), Jakes Porwat (DataKind), Alice Carmona (ID2020), Ryan Shea (Blockstack), Melanie Shapiro (Tokenize)

Who owns your data? In this conversation, we discuss the solutions being built to restore control over data to the individual, and imagine how we can create a better system that puts the user first on the Web 3.0. Blockchain and identity experts from uPort, ID2020, and more explain what steps you can take today, and the social and political implications of self-sovereign identity.

11:15 AM

Nation OS: Prototyping the Future of Government

Racgel Haot (1776), Laurent Lamothe (LSL World Initiative), Cab Morris, Giorgi Vashadze (Innovation and Development Foundation),

Find out how governments around the world are implementing cutting-edge technologies to offer higher-quality services to citizens. Are blockchain and decentralizing technologies a challenge to government authority, or the foundational layer of truly “smart” cities, states, and nations?

12:00 PM

Dubai, City of the Future: From Imagination to Reality

Rahilla Zafa (ConsenSys), Jeremy Millar (ConsenSys),

Dubai has declared its intent to become one of the world's smartest cities by 2020. And be-tween 3D-printed buildings, flying drone taxis, and a government run on the blockchain, Dubai is making astonishing strides toward its ambitious goal. Learn how Dubai is prototyping rapid innovation and becoming a hub of next-level tech.

12:30 PM

Reporting on Revolution: What's at Stake for Media Covering Tech

Jolene Creighton (Futurism), Matt Leising (Bloomberg News), Laura Shin (Forbes & Unchained Podcast), Alex Klokus (Futurism), Morgen Peck (American Banker, Scientific American, Backchannel & BBC Future), Robert Hackett (Fortune)

How would you explain the Internet in 1980? In its early years, many believed it would never have widespread or commercial use. Some of the biggest breakthroughs are nearly impossible to explain at the beginning. But the stakes are incredibly high, as media narratives shape how regulators, companies, and the public imagine new technologies as forces of order or chaos,profit or loss, good or evil. Find out how some of today's most talented technology storytellers and journalists approach the challenge.

1:00 PM

When Crypto Goes Global: Bitcoin & Developing Economies

Elizabeth Rossiello (BitPesa)

BitPesa, where Rossiello is founder and CEO, is known around the world for using digital currency to help improve business in sub-Saharan Africa. Learn about her journey to starting one of the most successful companies in the space, and her vision for a frictionless, borderless future where entrepreneurs are empowered to meet their potential.

1:15 PM

Where Creators Come First: Art & Film on the Web 3.0

Benton Bainbridge, Laurenzo Mefsut (Artchain), Kim Jackson (SingularDTV), Mitzi Peirone (BRAID),

Find out how artists and filmmakers are turning to breakthrough technologies to cut out the middleman and regain ownership over the creative process. Panelists include founders and users of innovative platforms that allow creators to connect with their fans and communities more intimately and directly than ever before.

2:40 PM

Conscientious Consumption Starts with the Supply Chain

Vanessa Grellet (ConsenSys), Brian Iselin (Slavefreetrade), Tyler Mulvihill (ConsenSys), Amanda Cole (Nexus Global Youth Summit), Tyler Smith (ConsenSys; Formerly BHP-Billiton),

As conscientious consumers increasingly demand to know the story behind the products they buy, businesses are taking a serious look at their supply chain to guarantee high standards of authenticity, sustainability, and ethical behavior. If you are what you eat, what you wear, the car that you drive, you deserve to know — enabled by the first technologies that truly make it possible.

3:10 PM

The Token Economy: Exchange in 3 Dimensions

Nick Dodson (ConsenSys), Jalak Jobanputra (Future/Perfect Ventures), William Mougayar (The Business Blockchain),

Between tokens, cryptocurrencies, and crowdfunding, the barrier to entry to entrepreneurship seems to be getting lower. Tokens promise to to open up certain economies for the first time, for instance, the world of micro-transactions as processing costs approach zero. What is a token,how is it made, and why? Will legacy fundraising systems change to accommodate these new models, or get disrupted by them?

3:40 PM

The Network Society of Future

Dave Orban (Singularity University)

How can we prepare for a future transformed by breakthrough technologies? Find out from Singularity University and Network Society Ventures' David Orban.

4:00 PM

Building a Technology of Inclusion

Meltem Demirors (Digital Currency Group), Rosanna Chan (World Bank Blockchain Working Group), Tracy Chadwell (1843 Capital), Rahilla Zafar (ConsenSys)

Driving openness and transparency, blockchain is inherently a technology of inclusion. How can women and traditionally underrepresented groups in technology innovation seize this opportunity and lead the blockchain revolution?

4:30 PM

Early Adopter

Mike Novogratz

Find out why Fortress founder and early cryptocurrency investor Mike Novogratz is bullish on blockchain.

Joseph Lubin: Keynote on Ethereum
Ethereum co-founder and ConsenSys founder Joseph Lubin explains how he first became interested in blockchain, why he joined Vitalik Buterin on the Ethereum Project and launched global blockchain specialist firm ConsenSys, detailing the vision he has for a decentralized future enabled by this technology. Lubin delivered this highly personal keynote address at the inaugural Ethereal Summit in Brooklyn, hosted by ConsenSys in partnership with Microsoft, SingularDTV, CrunchFund, and others.