Wait, Did Blockchain Just Get A Little Hipper?

Blockchain Week NYC 2019, which is centered around the annual Consensus Conference, is in full swing with various panel discussion, keynotes, endless presentations, pitches, parties, exclusive cocktail events and more. Much of the discussion echoes last year's larger narratives expanded cautiously with the endless mantras of "slowly coming out of winter" followed by "slowly coming out of the bull market" as repeated by the crypto-block devotees.  Nearly every speaker is more amped than the next and possessing some inside track and superhuman knowledge with the hindsight always being 20/20 in terms of past errors and crashes of the new industry. Thus what seems to be needed now to take the arena to a new and expanded level is a bit of an infusion of innovation, and we may be starting to see hints of that during a recent event.

Now in its third year The Ethereal Summit, produced by Joseph Lubin's company ConsenSys, certainly offers the standard panel on smart contracts, regulations and is heavy on stats and engineering jargon, however, a welcome addition is that of discussion around innovation and blockchain art.  Naturally, early attempts at applying blockchain technology to the art world, whether it be the possibility of collective ownership of expensive fine art pieces or crypto wallets that take on an art-like quality of design, have been brewing.  But the Ethereal Summit has gone as far as to support such efforts in a couple of ways.

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