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Ethereal Arts

Art and music are deeply woven into our identity and surround us at Ethereal Summit, thanks to our grant program and highly engaged creative community.


Using Blockchain to Tokenize, Protect, and Sell Digital Art

Learn how independent artists, fine artists, and brands use R.A.R.E to create certificates of authenticity for digital art, using the blockchain to replace paper.


The Maker Space enables the collective creation of art pieces that explore the intersection of art and technology. People interested in experimenting with the blockchain and physical art are invited to create with us and to participate in the Doge-Ethereum Bridge Art Project.

Bail Bloc

Bail Bloc is a downloadable cryptocurrency mining application that leverages latent computing power to generate funding for bail. We enlist a critical mass of users to challenge the role that bail plays in incarcerating low income black and brown people.


HODLism: Initial Soul Offering is an interactive experience that invites visitors to pray to Father Satoshi at an altar to decentralization. Prayers are algorithmically converted into a private key and used to attempt unlocking Satoshi's wallets. Will the chosen one be reveleated at Ethereal 2018?