September 15th  2019
Sheva & Cultura, Tel Aviv



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Web3 Stage


9:00 AM

+ Introduction to Crypto Economics Workshop

Jerome de Tychey, Director of ConsenSys Solutions

9:30 AM

+ Q&A on Ethereum 2.0 with Vitalik Buterin

Vitalik Buterin, Founder of Ethereum

Moderated by Ejaaz Ahamadeen, Lead Token Architect, Digital Assets, ConsenSys

10:00 AM

+ Welcome

Amanda Gutterman Cassatt, Co-Creator of Ethereal, Advisor and Former CMO, ConsenSys
Jesse Grushack, Co-Creator of Ethereal
Dror Avieli, Managing Director Israel & VP Customer Success, ConsenSys

Event Announcements by Zahava Kahan, Global Head of People and Talent, ConsenSys

10:10 AM

+ What is DeFi (Decentralized Finance)?

Lex Sokolin, Global Fintech Co-Head, ConsenSys

Lex will discuss the macro financial and technological trends that are contributing to the exponential growth in decentralized finance. We have seen DeFi progress across financial industry sectors -- from payments, to banking, lending, investing, and insurance. There is also transformation within financial institutions as they mutualize data through digitization and standards, share that data and workflow on blockchains, move small elements of business logic into tokens, and eventually transition all supporting software into programmable financial instruments. Once there are thousands of decentralized autonomous financial manufacturers, what will be left for financial incumbents, emerging Fintechs, and global AI tech companies? This talk will also connect the dots on how different services are likely to interact together, the potential directions for creating valuable companies, and how people and organizations can benefit from the emerging trend.

10:35 AM

+ A Fireside Chat with Calibra COO

Tomer Barel, COO, Calibra, Facebook

Interviewed by Ouriel Ohayon, Co-Founder & CEO of ZenGo

11:10 AM

+ Introduction to Lira

Dr. Omri Ross, Chief Blockchain Scientist, eToro & Assistant Professor, University of Copehagen

Lira is a new open source language for financial contracts tapping into DeFi and OTC derivatives market. We will demonstrate its simplicity by showing a use case built on the language. We encourage the community to help develop it. We invite people to join our 11:55 workshop on the use of this language.

11:25 AM

+ Scalability and Privacy for Decentralized and Permissioned Blockchains via ZK-STARKs

Prof. Eli Ben-Sasson, Co-Founder & Chief Scientist, StarkWare Industries

11:55 AM

+ Securing Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies: A Comparative Analysis of Key Protection Methods

Professor Yehuda Lindell, CEO, Unbound Tech

Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) and “cold wallets” have been the blockchain world’s go-to key protection strategy for the past decade. Multi-Sig has become the default choice for crypto-native institutions that want to secure cryptocurrencies and blockchain transactions. Both are well-known and well-documented – but are they sustainable?

In this presentation, we explain why traditional hardware-based key management and protection and multi-sig are not sufficient for blockchain systems, with a focus on cryptocurrency exchanges and custody solutions. Next, we introduce secure multiparty computation (MPC) and threshold cryptography, and explain how it can be used to achieve a safe, “hot storage,” enterprise-grade solution that answers the business needs of the industry.

12:25 PM

+ How Innovators are Leading Production Enterprise Networks

Sophia Lopez, Founder & COO, Kaleido
Konstantin Goldstein, Principal Technical Evangelist, Microsoft
Didier Le Floch, Venture and Solution Architect, ConsenSys
Rodrigo Santibanez Rivera, Director, Key Account Relationships & Consumer Affairs, Merck

Moderated by Chen Zur, Partner/Principal, US CGP Blockchain Practice Leader, Ernst & Young

12:55 PM

+ Special Announcement from Kaleido and QEDIT

Sophia Lopez, Founder & COO, Kaleido
Shiri Lemel, VP Business Development, QEDIT

1:00 PM

Lunch Break

1:50 PM

+ It's All About Decentralized Trust

Ittai Abraham, Senior Staff Researcher, VMWare Research Group
Michael Wei, Research Scientist, VMWare Research Group

2:25 PM

+ Two-Tiered Consensus: Blockchain Architecture to Bridge the Dapp/App Gap

Tal Kol, Co-Founder, Orbs

Can permissioned apps run over permissionless infrastructure?

Enterprise solutions that leverage blockchain technology gravitate towards private, permissioned blockchains. While these solutions pragmatic, they provide questionable benefit over traditional databases. At the same time however, existing businesses cannot decentralize over-night. Public, permissionless blockchains that were designed for token-based pure dapps struggle to accommodate the needs of traditional businesses. The two-tiered consensus unlocks the value of public blockchains for existing businesses by providing isolation and control.

The separation of block-producers and validators on the Orbs Network, complemented by inherent isolation and governance autonomy through Blockchain Virtualization, allows for customizable degrees of decentralization. This design keeps businesses in control while adding a layer of external, provably unbiased third-party verification. This architecture has the potential to bridge the infrastructure gap for DAOs and for-profit enterprises.

3:00 PM

+ What The Crypto Derivatives Market Tells Us About The Future of Crypto

Andy Croghan, COO of Alameda Research & FTX

Interviewed by Lou Kerner, Founding Partner, CryptoOracle LLC

Join us for a fireside chat on the state of the crypto derivatives market and what the latest trends in trading tells us about the future of crypto.

3:25 PM

+ The Road to Regulation: Virtual Commodity Association

Maria Filipakis, Executive Director, Virtual Commodity Association
Yusuf Hussain, Head of Risk, Gemini Trust Company, LLC and President of the Board, Virtual Commodity Association

Interviewed by Ran Neu-Ner, Host of CNBC Crypto Trader Show and CEO, Onchain Capital

3:55 PM

+ The State of Institutional Adoption of Cryptoassets

Kristen Mirabella, Business Development, Gemini Trust LLC
Josh Goodbody, Head of Europe & America Sales, Huobi
Tom Shaughnessy, Co-Founder, Delphi Digital

Moderated by Michael Pearl, Director of Content, Finance Magnates

4:30 PM

+ The Differences Between Private Funding and IEOs for Web3 Entrepreneurs

Teck Chia, Head of Binance X
Sandeep Nailwal, Co-Founder & COO, Matic Network
Beniamin Mincu, Co-Founder & CEO, Elrond Network
Itai Elizur, COO, InboundJunction

Moderated by Pei Chen, Director of Financial Services & FinTech, ConsenSys

5:05 PM

+ The New Blockchain Gaming Experience

Marguerite DeCourcelle, CEO, Blockade Games LLC

Interviewed by Igor Lilic, Principal Technical Lead, ConsenSys

Join this fireside chat to hear what Blockade Games has learned while building Ethereum's killer app: Neon District, a Final Fantasy inspired cyberpunk videogame.

5:35 PM

+ Investor Hypotheses for Blockchain in 2020

Gigi Levy Weiss, Founding Partner, NfX
Dovey Wan, Founding Partner, Primitive Ventures
Richard Muirhead, Founding Managing Partner, Fabric Ventures
Agada Nameri, Partner & Head of Blockchain, iAngels
Yossi Hasson, Managing Director, Techstars Blockchain

Moderated by Min Teo, Partner, ConsenSys Labs Investments

6:20 PM

+ Talking DeFi, BUIDLing, and the Future of Ethereum with Vitalik Buterin, Joe Lubin, and Yoni Assia

Vitalik Buterin, Founder of Ethereum
Joseph Lubin, Founder & CEO of ConsenSys, Co-Founder of Ethereum
Yoni Assia, Founder & CEO of eToro




DeFi Stage


8:30 AM

+ Women in Blockchain Breakfast

This will be a very informal gathering with tea, coffee, juices and breakfast foods being served. There will be an opportunity to present a lightning talk on a topic of your choice during this time if you would like to.

10:15 AM

+ Building Decentralized Infrastructure for Web3 Entrepreneurs

Liz Daldalian, Head of Business Operations & Delivery, Truffle
Christian Crowley, CEO, Alethio
Mark Smargon, Co-Founder & CEO,

Moderated by Molly Jane Zuckerman, Independent Journalist and Former Head of News at Cointelegraph

10:45 AM

+ Weaving Cultural Fabrics With Tokens

Mark Beylin, Co-Founder, Bounties Network

Mark will discuss how to we get groups of people to coordinate around shared goals & values? The answer is staring us right in the face.

11:35 AM

+ Why Ether Is A Triple-Point Asset

David Hoffman, Chief of Operations of RealT and Host of POV Crypto

Ether as an asset has not yet been fully fleshed out. Is it gas? Is it a SoV? Is it Money?

David proposes a model that pins down Ether’s asset definition. Ether, in it’s Ethereum 2.0 form, fills in all three asset superclasses: Capital Assets, Consumable Assets, and Store-of-Value Assets. Ether’s ability to be all three at once is what enables the hyper-efficiency of capital allocation in Ethereum, as well as enables trustlessness in financial applications. This model proposes that the value of Ether is proportional to the capacity of trustlessness in Ethereum. Where Web-2’s bandwidth was data transferring capacity, Web-3’s bandwidth, or the internet-of-value’s bandwidth, is Ether’s capability to act as an asset inside of financial applications on Ethereum.

12:00 pM

+ Delphi Talks Financial Innovation & Experimentation

Tom Shaughnessy and Medio Demarco, Co-Founders, Delphi Digital

12:25 PM

+ What's Scaling in DeFi Today

Gustav Arentoft, Business Development (Europe), MakerDAO
Felix Feng, Co-Founder & CEO, Set Protocol
Alexey Bashlykov, Co-Founder & CTO of Zerion
Deniz Omer, Kyber Network Tech Evangelist

Moderated by Lou Kerner, Founding Partner, CryptoOracle LLC

DeFi has gone from a term to a movement in year's time. Some of the leading voices in movement to rearchitect legacy finance on Ethereum will discuss what is the data telling us, what's been the user experience, what's scaling and why.

12:50 PM

+ Decentralization and Personal Responsibility

Amanda Gutterman Cassatt, Co-Creator of Ethereal, Advisor & Former CMO of ConsenSys

For decades, our technologies have been making us more passive. As makers of technology, we've learned how to remove obstacles from the paths of our users to coax them toward the actions we want. Sometimes we depend on friction to deter undesirable actions, like refusing our terms of service, or choosing to do something on their own instead of using our easy solution.

Decentralizing technologies are changing all that. As hard as we work to optimize usability of blockchain products, which we absolutely should, decentralized applications inherently require more of the user than Web2 technologies, the most obvious example being managing our own keys versus depending on banks. In this session, advisor and former CMO of ConsenSys Amanda Gutterman Cassatt explains how Web3 technologies succeeding must be accompanied by a cultural shift on the part of users away from passivity and toward personal responsibility for value storage, privacy, and security.

1:00 PM

Lunch Break

1:40 PM

+ Banking on the Blockchain: From 2008 to 2028

S. Daniel Leon, Founding President & COO, Celsius Network

2:05 PM

+ Risks and Pitfalls of Blockchain Investing

Aleksandr Bulkin, Co-Founder, CoinFund

Over the past five years, blockchain technology has created a new landscape of investable assets and structures. From fungible and non-fungible tokens to traditional equity, these assets present prospective investors with challenging questions. To help new and experienced participants navigate this emergent market, this talk will examine some pitfalls of blockchain investing. We will discuss the hidden perils of value capture, incentive misalignments, lack of fundamentals, investment contract shortcomings, as well as other risks, both hidden and explicit.

2:30 PM

+ The Balance of Decentralization and Governance

Gustav Arentoft, Business Development (Europe), MakerDAO
Lawrence Lundy-Bryan, Partner & Head of Research, Outlier Ventures
Tegan Kline, International BD & IR Manager, Orchid
Ido Sadeh Man, Founder & Foundation Council President, Saga Foundation

Moderated by Igor Lilic, Principal Technical Lead, ConsenSys

Ever since its inception, the crypto-sphere has been accompanied by a debate around the topic of how decisions need to be taken in a decentralized system - this debate can be more commonly referred to as “the governance issue”. In its earlier stages, this lively debate was headed by supporters of two leading decentralized approaches: on-chain and off-chain governance.

This panel will focus on the limitations of decentralization and how much decentralization we might ever be willing to sacrifice in order to achieve a better, more effective governance framework.

3:05 PM

+ The History of Dominant Design and The Future of Blockchain

Jeremy Millar, Chief of Staff, ConsenSys

3:15 PM

+ Community-Driven Liquidity

Guy Benartzi, Co-Founder and Strategy, Bancor Network

Low liquidity is one of the biggest barriers to mainstream crypto adoption - as it leads to significant volatility, manipulation and creates barriers to new and niche tokens achieving adoption. It’s time we opened the floodgates for crypto liquidity by enabling anyone to easily contribute liquidity to digital tokens. The removal of barriers for everyday users to contribute liquidity is fundamentally altering how asset exchange occurs, and how liquidity — in even traditionally illiquid assets — is catalyzed, incentivized and decentralized across unaffiliated actors, and the long-tail of stakeholders. While we’ve seen decentralized liquidity emerge as a central branch of the DeFi ecosystem - from Bancor to Bonding Curves and Uniswap - we believe we’ve only just begun to witness the power of liquidity from the crowd.

Guy will explore how traditional exchanges based on bid/ask order-matching undermine the health and growth of crypto markets, the mechanics behind decentralized liquidity, and how community-driven liquidity re-envisions asset exchange and unlocks incentives for users which have historically been reserved for institutions and exchanges.

3:40 PM

+ Smart Wallets for Smarter DeFi

Matthew Wright, Head of Growth & Strategy, Argent

Smart contract wallets offer users significantly greater security and usability than traditional wallets. You can now have a non-custodial wallet with many of the theft protection measures of the best modern bank accounts, including: daily transfer limits, wallet locking, trusted contacts, the automatic blocking of large transfers and account recovery. You can also drive Dapp adoption by integrating at smart contract level. Argent will use its live integrations with Maker and Compound as examples. This will prove that you can earn interest on your assets or take out a loan, all on mobile, in just a few taps.

4:05 PM

+ Creating and Launching Your DeFi App - Lessons from PoolTogether

Leighton Cusack, Founder, PoolTogether

4:30 PM

+ Major Roadblocks Towards Driving Mass Adoption

Adi Karmon Scope, Head of Business Development, TabooKey

4:45 PM

+ A Fireside Chat With The Ethereum Foundation Executive Director

Aya Miyaguchi, Executive Director, Ethereum Foundation

Interviewed by Amanda Gutterman, Co-Creator of Ethereal, Advisor & Former CMO of ConsenSys

5:15 PM

+ A P2P Poker Platform Built Using Ethereum

Ryan Gittleson, Co-Founder & CEO, Virtue Poker

5:30 PM

+ Running DeFi on Sidechains: 5 Innovations

Konstantin Kladko, Co-Founder & CTO, Skale Labs
Collin Myers, Global Product Strategy, Decentralized Finance, ConsenSys

EVM Sidechains are decentralized ETH-compatible blockchains that can be used by DeFi to speed up computation and transactions. Since sidechains are faster and cheaper than the ETH mainnet, sidechains can enable novel features and technologies to augment existing ETH/EVM functionalities. Stan and Collin will review 5 DeFi related sidechain innovations that SKALE sidechains implement: AI, storage, asynchronous Proof-of-Stake consensus, interchain messaging/money transfer and front -running protections.

5:50 PM

+ Building A Mobile First Payment System : A Fireside Chat with the Co-Founder of Celo

Marek Olszewski, Co-Founder & CTO, Celo

Interviewed by Vanessa Grellet, Executive Director, ConsenSys

An interview with Celo Founder, Marek Olszewski, on building mobile-first decentralized experiences. Next year there will be 6B active smartphones in the world. Celo helps you build native dapps that reach those devices.


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Workshop Stage


9:15 AM

+ How to Create A Secure E-voting System Using Waves Blockchain

Inal Kardanov, Waves Developer Advocate

Inal will talk about challenges with e-voting systems, how an Ethereum-based voting system in Moscow was hacked, what we can learn from it and avoid common mistakes in voting designs.

10:15 AM

+ Enterprise Commercial Use

Eran Haggiag, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, Clear

Eran will discuss how Clear is pioneering the first major inter-enterprise commercial use cases to production in the Telecom space.

10:50 AM

+ Handel, A Scalable Byzantine Resistant Aggregation Protocol

Olivier Bégassat, Protocol Engineer, PegaSys

11:20 AM

+ Quorum: Enterprise Permissions Model in Smart Contracts

Felix Shnir, Head of Developer Advocacy, Quorum, J.P. Morgan
Dr. Jacob Mendel, Head of Blockchain CoE Israel, J.P. Morgan

As new private blockchain platforms come up, there’s increasing thought put into mapping the needs of a corporation onto Ethereum-like blockchains. Quorum has created a workable RBAC model that fits companies big and small. Come by to see it unveiled!

11:55 AM

+ Open Sourcing Lira: Write and Deploy Secure Financial Contracts to the EVM

Dr. Omri Ross, Chief Blockchain Scientist of eToro, Assistant Professor at University of Copehagen

This workshop marks the release of a new open-source language and a dedicated compiler for the benefit of the Ethereum community. we release Lira: A declarative and formally verified domain specific language, designed for writing and deploying secure financial contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain. Lira compiles directly to EVM through a Haskell based compiler that is released at the same time. That allows any user to write and deploy sophisticated financial contracts with industry grade security and without the need to use solidity.

Dr. Ross will walk participants through a series of financial contracts and applications written in Lira. Starting with simple futures, call-options and interest rate swaps, the workshop will quickly progress towards expressing complex financial products in the domain specific contract language.

We aim to promote awareness and use of type-secure languages in the community. Regardless of skill-level, participants will walk away with an appreciation of the value of domain-specific languages in the Web3.0 stack and, hopefully, a number of new ideas of how to implement their Dapp in a secure and verified contract language.

To show the usability of this new release, eToro is launching an open-source marketplace for derivatives, where participants of the workshop and Devcon can compose financial contracts and advertise their positions on an online marketplace, to find a counterparty for their financial contract. We present a number of additional use-cases for the language and show how developers can build new solutions or augment existing Dapps in safe and intuitive manner.

12:30 PM

+ Blockchain ASICs – Beyond PoW

Justin Drake, Researcher, Ethereum Foundation

With the coming transition to PoS, Justin will discuss how he expects ASICs to serve an ever greater role in the blockchain industry as it matures.

  • Hardware wallets
  • Secure enclaves (e.g. for oracles)
  • SNARK/STARK/bulletproof provers
  • Signature verification accelerators
  • Elliptic curve accelerators
  • Integration into CPUs

1:00 PM

Lunch Break

2:00 PM

+ Building a Scalable dApp on Ethereum Using Matic Sidechains

Sandeep Nailwal, Co-Founder & COO, Matic Network

If you've ever been interested to build a decentralized app, this is a great learning opportunity. Participants will get a chance to build a sample dApp using Matic Network sidechains on Ethereum.

2:35 PM

+ Counterfactual: A Framework for Generalized State Channels

Alon Bukai, State Channels dApp Engineer, Counterfactual

Ethereum enables powerful tools for channels and channel networks to be created and used. Counterfactual is an initiative to bring these new tools to production today. In this talk, Alon will introduce Counterfactual and discuss the path towards getting state channels to be used by everyday users of dapps.

3:00 PM

+ Gas Stations Network - What's Next?

Liraz Siri, CEO, TabooKey

The Gas Stations Network removes one of the major obstacles to Ethereum adoption: user onboarding. Liraz will run through how GSN achieves this and demonstrate an interesting use case--paying gas with DAI. Then he'll discuss what lies ahead.

3:25 PM

+ Embedding Smart Contracts Into HTTP

Eitan Lavi, Co-Founder & CTO, 2key
Udi Ben-Reuven, Chief Scientist, 2key

Eitan and Udi will discuss how 2key Protocol, an Ethereum 2nd layer accessibility and scalability solution for smart contracts, fuses between the web of information (HTTP) and the web of value (Smart Contracts), and leverages cryptography to offload transactions from layer 1 to a scalable yet decentralised layer 2 network of browsers acting as distributed nodes forming multi-party-state-chains.

3:50 PM

+ Ethereal Blocks Hackathon Awards Ceremony

4:20 PM

+ Growing Open Source Communities

Vivek Singh, Co-Founder, Gitcoin

Vivek will highlight open source Ethereum projects built during Ethereal Blocks as well as Gitcoin's past summer of hackathons.

4:40 PM

+ Why Do We Audit

Sergii Kravchenko, Security Auditor, ConsenSys Diligence
Brianna Montgomery, Business Development Lead

The ConsenSys Diligence team will discuss key aspects of a smart contract audit, the importance of smart contract auditing, and recent vulnerabilities they identified in well known projects in an effort to enhance the security of the ecosystem.

5:05 PM

+ AZTEC: Launching Privacy on Ethereum

Tom Pocock, Co-Founder, Aztec Protocol

5:35 PM

+ Enterprise Level Security for Blockchain

Sergio Pavlin, COO, SmartDec

SmartDec has been working on static code security analysis for web and mobile apps for more than 10 years. As a result, they have built SmartDec Scanner — enterprise security scanner that works with more than 20 programming languages, including Solidity and Vyper. Recently, we decided to make SmartDec Scanner the first enterprise blockchain security scanner. In order to do that they have put under the hood the best existing analyzers in the area and create a set of detection rules for web3. As a first step, they have joined forces with ConsenSys MythX and embedded their analysis module into SmartDec Scanner interface. Thus, developers are be able to use the power of MythX via an enterprise scanner interface with many features and integrations. Also, SmartDec has reworked the rules for javascript and HTML.

Sergio will describe the features of a resulting tool and how to use it. He will also share why blockchain community should learn security from enterprise, not from startups.